Safety Tips for BlueStateDating    

At BlueStateDate, our first and most important concern is your safety. We have built a website that uses cutting edge technology to safely manage your account, and under no circumstances will we exchange your personal information with other users. That being said, you bare the ultimate responsibility of using proper discretion when it comes to sharing information relevant to your personal life. Online dating has enormous potential to easily match you to other singles that are seeking the same thing you are, but it comes with certain risks. Here are five simple tips we recommend following while using our site:    

1) While communicating with a potential date, never share information such as your street address, your gym, your office, your place of worship etc. Only share your personal contact information when you are fully comfortable with that person and wish to meet them in person.    

2) Don’t rush into a date. While the prospect of meeting someone who seems to have much in common with you may be tempting and intriguing, take the necessary time to figure out if this is someone you could realistically see yourself dating. The pitfalls of going on a date and having it not work out can be especially difficult if the other person feels a strong connection and persistently tries to make contact, imposing an unnecessary burden on you.    

3) Before going on a date, make sure you’ve thoroughly screened the other person. Get their full name, contact information, and verify this online. Usually you can find out about someone fairly easily with a simple google search, and there are several background checking and verification services available for public use.    

4) If arranging a date, make sure you meet in a public venue and have a friend or family member know where you are and when you plan to return home. You could even discreetly check in with them while on the date.    

5) Finally, if you find any suspicious content on any profile, or feel threatened by someone in any way, block that user and contact us immediately at Our team will be as proactive as possible to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all users.    

We hope you've found these tips helpful. Be safe, have fun, and Find Your Running Mate!!